Forming a wing


I started trying to build a wing for the trunk lid. I am using foam and shaping it to get the look I am after. Then I will make it out of fiberglass and mount it to the car. It will fix one of the big problems with the trunk and hopefully look nicer.

I found a few sheets of foam insulation. and cut some strips out and glued them together to get the thickness I needed. After cutting them to shape with an electric knife and getting the basic outline of what I was after I taped it down and fit it to the car.


Then I used a random orbit sander to give it roughly the profile I was after. I copied the shape from a spoiler I had laying around and started working it into that basic profile. It was pretty easy to shape and if it got messed up I could always glue more material on and start sanding again.


Once I had the shape figured out and it looked nice and even I started putting the final shape to it. I am making it the size I plan on having the finished spoiler and making sure it looks right on the car. I have it really close to where I want it now, just a bit more smoothing and shaping and it will be perfect. Once I have it where I want it I will make it out of fiberglass.


For reference here is what it looks like now. That dirty spot is always there, any time it rains that is where the water collects on the body. If I am going to drive this car all year round it is going to get wet and the paint won’t last long with it always holding water. With that lip cut off and the wing in place it won’t be a problem anymore and it should look nice as well as give me a place for a third brake light.