Aero Metro XFi (3)

Working Brakes and Simple Electric Drive

The car has been sitting around not getting much of anything done to it other than using it as a table. The problem I have is if it is in the main part of my shop it is in the way of anything else I need to work on but once I put it off to the side it just gets forgotten. I needed a way to move it around without having to pull it with something else. I decided to rig up some sort of electric drive to it. I started by looking at welding a larger starter motor to the input shaft of a spare transmission. It would have been messy but would have worked good enough to let me get the car into place by myself. I ended up using a spare transmission and just used a stock Metro starter motor and just put a spare engine block on it to hold the whole thing in place. It looks terrible but it works.

Working on cargo area layout

I need to get the layout on where everything goes figured out. So before I start making the flange for the trunk lid to seal against I need to come up with how the rest of the stuff is going to fit. The first thing…

Forming a wing

I started trying to build a wing for the trunk lid. I am using foam and shaping it to get the look I am after. Then I will make it out of fiberglass and mount it to the car. It will fix one of the big problems with the trunk and hopefully look nicer.