Wiper Assembly Installed


After a short break from working on the car I am back on it at least occasionally. One of the last fitment problems is getting the wipers and heater box to fit in the car and still have room to fit the passenger’s foot area. I tried using the stock Metro wiper assembly and it was just not going to fit in and give me the correct coverage of the windshield. As well as it would make the heater box sit pretty low on the dash and the passenger would end up putting their feet on it. I gave up with trying to get it to fit and went with the AutoLoc WIPER2 Heavy Duty Power Windshield Wiper Kit.

The wiper kit is easy to install and it doesn’t use a set of rods to move the wipers, it uses a cable inside a tube so it will not snag on all the other stuff in the car. Getting the wiper setup mounted was pretty easy and will stay out of the way of just about everything in the dashboard.


I still need to come up with some defroster ducts and figure out how to get them mounted. After that I need to get the heater box mounted. Once they are all mounted then it is time to square up the body and attach it solidly to the frame. I will need to build a lot of brackets and bracing to get it solid and keep it from rattling while driving. After that I should be able to start on the final assembly of the car.