Trunk Lid Cut Out


Managed to get the trunk lid cut apart today. It didn’t take long to get it apart and the lower section bolted down solidly. After checking it for square it seems to sit on the frame pretty well. I will probably end up making new inner fenders and seal off the whole back area to make a nice storage area. I will also have to make a few more braces up to make it nice and strong. It should give me a lot more room in the back of the car so maybe I won’t have to put the battery and other stuff up front.


I made up a hinge setup by welding a small piece of expanded metal onto the hinges I am going to use. I then fiberglassed the whole thing onto the trunk lid. I just put a single layer of material on it in a few spots just to hold it solidly to the panel. After it dries I can go back and add a few more layers and make it a lot stronger. Once the hinge section is reinforced strong enough I can bolt the hinges to the roll bar and have a working trunk lid.


I will work on building inner fenders and sealing off a storage area before I put the lid back on. I will probably use cardboard and form the shape then lay fiberglass on top of it to build them up. That seems like the quickest way to build up a shape that I have tried so far.