Trunk hinges built


Today was a slow day with what seems like not much progress. I first cut out 4 plates to go on either side of the fiberglass to reinforce the hinge area. I bolted them through the fiberglass and drilled the large hinge bolt hole once they were in place. I then put the trunk lid on and positioned it properly. Once it was in place I just had to weld in a connecting section to the hinges. They worked out well where they were located but the roll bar was hitting the body and I could not open the trunk. So I had to take one of the hinges apart so I could get the trunk open. After that I just had to grind a bit of the body edge away around the roll bar to clear it.


The only thing left now is to come up with a better latch system to open the trunk. I didn’t like the setup it had since it had no safety and if it wasn’t latched properly it could fly up while driving and damage it. I will most likely use the Metro latch and pull cable in the center to open it. I will figure out something for the safety catch once I get a good position to mount it.