Throttle Trigger Made and Other Work.


Didn’t actually work on the car today. A friend gave me an old kids electric scooter so I could take the twist throttle and other random bits off it. So I took the throttle apart to see how it worked and it was a hall effect sensor with a magnet moving past it. I figured that was easy enough to modify so I took the brake lever off the other side and glued a hard drive magnet to the lever. The lever has a spring in it to return it back so I didn’t have to add one. After gluing the magnet on I made a simple bracket to attach the sensor over the magnet. I will make a better sensor mount after I know exactly where it needs to go but for now the plastic spoon handle will do.


I also picked up a panel ammeter from Radio Shack. It read 500mA the way it was set up. The Kelly controller outputs a PWM signal to indicate motor current so I cut the shunt out of the meter and wired it up so 5V was full scale using I think a 1K resistor. Now I can wire the meter to 5V and the ground side goes to the current indicator pin on the controller to give me a reading of how much current is going through the motor. I just had to edit and rescale the meter face. A bit of graphic editing and here it is.


The last part of the interior that needed work was where to mount all the switches and junk. I threw this together to print out and test the layout of the area under the center gauges.

gauge panel

After I get a layout I am happy with I will print it on a transparency film using a color laser then glue it to a piece of painted white lexan. I can then mount some green leds to the back of the lexan to make the white lettering glow at night. It should look good when it is done.