Strut towers built


Today I built the strut towers. I tried to come up with a way to do it without using a brace across the top but it would be much heavier than just a bolt on brace. So I will make a bolt on brace to run across the top of the strut mounting plates after the frame is fully built. I didn’t want to use a bolt on brace since it would have to be unbolted every time the engine needed some in depth work most likely. The best thing about a brace is I can bolt it on using weld nuts so it would be pretty easy to get on and off. Overall it will not be that big of a deal since the Suzuki engines are pretty reliable.


The strut towers are just spot welded in place like everything else but they seem pretty strong the way they are now. Next up is to take the steering rack and build a steering lockout setup of some sort.