Steering installed and started on gas tank


The steering parts came in today so I put it all together. The stock rack was not long enough so I put a set of rack extenders on it to make it the proper angle so there is no bump steer. The front end is basically done except for letting the front arms settle then torqueing the mounting bolts so the bushings are aligned properly. I need to align all 4 tires but that is not a big deal to do after the car is finished.


Next I started on trying to come up with a good gas tank. The stock Metro tank is about an inch too long to fit where I want it. So I will have to use the larger aluminum tank I built for the car from before. It did not have an internal fuel pump so I took the stock Metro pump out of that tank and started working on trying to get it hooked up to the larger tank. I have the fuel line connected now I just need to make a brace to the top of the tank mount so the fuel line is not supporting the weight of the pump. The fuel will exit the top of the tank and return to the bottom. It is not the smoothest way to do it but it works and should be a lot easier to change the pump in the future.


The Metro pump is on the left, the right pump is the inline pump that fed fuel to the old engine. It is way larger than the 3 cyl engine needs so I won’t be using it on this build. Once I build the bracket to hold the fuel pump and come up with a way to get the power wire out of the tank it is ready to install. I will have to make the shifter setup before mounting the tank so I know it will clear the shift rod.