Starting to Build the Front Suspension


The front end is not that complicated due to the layout of it. The only problem seems to be that I plan on keeping the firewall stock so I can't just cut it away. This makes things a bit harder trying to keep from cutting large parts out that will have to be repaired.

I got the main hoop done and a brace running up to the bar in the dashboard. It is all just spot welded in place for now. I will get the lower suspension mounts completed before welding the whole thing up solid. The lower mounts are simple with just a single bend required to make them. I will do one side and weld it up good enough to hold in place then take the other side apart. If I leave one side solid it gives me a good location to measure against to ensure it all stays in place.


After I get the lower suspension in place I can weld the whole thing up solid then put it back on the wheels and replace the strut towers. I don't plan on keeping any of the inner fender. I will use plastic to cover the wheel area to keep mud out but other than that there is no need for an inner fender. I will keep the headlight mounting area and the top lip where the fender bolts on. Everything else will be cut away as I finish up the front end.