Start on Rocker Panels/Underbelly


I put the car on jackstands and started messing with the side skirts trying to fit them in place. I got tired of squeezing under everything so I figured the easiest way to do this was get the car higher in the air so I used my engine hoist hooked to the front bumper to lift the car high enough to give me plenty of clearance. I used the old 13 inch rims and tires as a safety under the wheels. One good thing about the car now is it is so stiff it can be lifted like old cars used to be by the bumpers. I could lift it a few more feet in the air easily, but where it is at now is plenty. The side skirts are not painted yet but they still make the car look better.


With the car high in the air now I can start framing up the underside and finishing up the last details.