Start of Stripping the XFi Down


The convertible is close to being ready to start assembling. The only thing left is a bit of paint and making rear inner fenders out of some plastic garbage cans. I moved the convertible out of my work area and put the XFi in its place. The XFi was already parked due to rusty frame issues so I went ahead and started stripping it down. I took the body panels off it and started cleaning out the extra stuff. I got the dash out and started taking extra crap out of the wiring harness. I have no need for a door buzzer and a bunch of random junk. The heat will be just a blower switch, it will have no temperature control or vents. Defroster on hot only pulling air from under the dash.

I test fit the interior with the dash and seats. Everything fits and the floor being raised is only a slight nuisance so I have reason to change it. The gas pedal doesn't fit but it would be easy to either raise it or shorten the pedal arm. With the dash out I can start fitting the 2.5 inch screens in place of the outer vents to replace the rear view mirrors. I will also take out the tablet pc I have been using mounted on the dash for a built in pc with a 10.4 inch touchscreen. With a majority of the defroster setup removed from the dashboard it has a lot of room to mount the computer and any other stuff I need to put in there.