Start of Frame Construction


Today I started building the new frame for the car. I am building the main structure out of 1.9" diameter 0.130 walled tube. I bent and made the rail for one side and have it tack welded in place.

I will need to fully weld it and add a few more reinforcing points to attach it to the old unibody so it does not let the suspension mounts go out of line. Once I get it welded in solid I will turn the car up on the other side and do the whole thing over on the drivers side. I might get the base structure done this weekend if nothing else comes up for me to do.



When the base structure is done, next will be to start on the front and rear end. I will probably build the rear first since it will be easier. After the frame is done then it is on to making the new smooth floor and air ducting system.