Rear toe bars and removing the test motor


The rear toe bars were fairly easy to build. I took the tie rods off the front end and used a bolt to mount the inner rod solidly. I tried to keep the same geometry as the stock front end but since it is mostly mounted backwards it makes it a bit harder to line up. But after getting it lined up I spot welded it in place. I will have a lot of bracing to build once I get to that point but for now they are in place and make the rear suspension work like I want it.


With those in place I no longer needed the motor and stuff in the back. So I took everything off the frame. Tomorrow I will build the trunk hinges and get it all square and try and fix the problems with how the trunk opens and closes. I also need to build a safety catch so it won’t accidentally fly open while driving. All the motor and suspension parts are located properly now and it looks pretty good. The only strange thing is the brace going from the control arm mount to the main frame. I had to make the passenger side closer to the middle to clear the belts on the motor. It will work fine and I can add a smaller brace in there to make sure it stays strong.