Rear suspension welded in place


The new setup on the rear end was much better, so I mounted the other side in place and checked square on the car. Everything is right on square this time and nothing is more than 1/8 inch off anywhere. So I am happy with how it looks now.


With the suspension in place it was time to put a better motor and transmission in place and get them lined up. The motor mounts hit the diagonal braces so I will have to cut them off and put them somewhere else. But for the most part the motor will fit in there just fine. Since it all looks like it will fit good I started welding up the suspension better. I put on the braces that will be part of the final frame.


The motor is not mounted so it might be bumped a bit from square. But it was mostly just a placeholder so I knew where everything was going to sit. The lower control arms are mounted. Next I will be building the main tube that runs to the back for the trunk to mount to. Then I will make the engine mounts. After that it is just a matter of bracing it all up strong and it is done.