Rear Inner Fenders and More Installed.


Lot more random stuff installed. First thing was to put the rear inner fenders in. I used some plastic garbage cans and cut the bottom 10 inches off it and fit it into the fender. I riveted them in place. I will need to seal them up with sealer still but they are in there pretty well and fit perfectly. The rear fenders will never have a rust problem again hopefully.


I found a good place to mount the cruise control unit. The brace that the glove box back bolts onto was in the right spot so it looks like it was made to go there. Since there are no vent ducts or pretty much anything else in the dashboard now I have plenty of room to work. The cruise needs hooked directly to the throttle pedal so it has enough throttle range so mounting it inside the dash is easier than running the cable back into the interior. The megasquirt fit well right beside the steering column so I mounted it there. I had to modify the fuse box mounting so it would fit higher up so my feet would clear as well. So the interior is coming along nicely. The white amp will be mounted as high as I can get it on the firewall and the black one will be under the new heater box. That leaves me lots of room behind the glovebox to mount the carpc. Nothing will be visible under the dash so the interior will still have a nice clean look to it.


The last bit I worked on was to cut and fit a grille into the center filler panel between the tail lights. It needs the grille in it and the bumper for the air to exit from the duct that runs through the car now. Hopefully all the extra work putting this duct in will pay off with a good drop in wind resistance. The grille will be painted black and after all the panels are on the underside to direct airflow I will paint all of it black as well so it isn't that noticeable to anyone standing behind the car.