Rear done and starting on front suspension


The back was mostly done except for some minor bracing and needing welded up completely. I finished it up and after it cooled off I put some paint on it. I will probably go over it one more time after the front is assembled and I remove the body to make sure there are no spots I missed but from what I can tell it looks like I have not missed any spots.


Once the back was done it was time to start on the front. I had to pull out the old brakes and random stuff from the front end. After it was cleaned out I started cutting the front end free. I have no need for something as heavy as what was in there and redoing it will give me a lot more foot room. So I have no need for any of the stock front frame. It was much easier to just cut the entire front frame off and just rebuild it once I get the crossmember set up the way I want it.



Right now it has spacers on the rotors. I will do away with the spacers and just widen the front end to the correct width. I will also remove all the old frame material and replace the lower control arms with improved pieces that do away with the strut rod. I am not sure what steering parts I will use but I will try and use a Metro rack and tie rods if possible. If it isn’t possible I will probably have to order a custom rack for the width I am needing. Once I get everything cleaned up and ready to reassemble I will have a better idea of what I need.