Making a Front Spoiler to Improve Aerodynamics


IMG_20121112_165547It is common knowledge that extending the lower lip of the bumper improves mileage by reducing overall drag of the car. So in this post I will show adding a spoiler to the front bumper of a stock 91 Metro. To start with I am using something called Fiber-Edge landscape edging, it is available at a lot of hardware stores like Lowes. It is around $35 a roll and that is enough to do a several cars. I also am using small pieces of angle iron and some self drilling screws to attach it all.

First thing is to take the bumper off to make it easier to work with. Then cut some sections of angle iron about an inch or two wide. I used an old bed rail for the angle iron but pretty much anything will do. Using some of the existing holes in the bottom of the bumper I attached the angle iron to the bumper then using a small drill bit I drilled through the fiberglass edging and the bracket. I then used the self tapping screws to attach the fiberglass solidly.



I added brackets anywhere it seems like it needs the bracing. With it curving around the sides it holds it’s shape pretty well but it still needed a small bracket made for the very end of the edging. Once I got one side together I got the other side done and tightened up all the screws and got it all level to the front edge of the bumper.


After that it was just a matter of using an angle grinder to shape the ends of the bumper to make it look good.



Putting it back on the car it looks really good. I need to flat black the screw heads to make it look better but I will have to wait for warmer weather for the paint to stick well.


The new part is clean and the bumper is dirty so it is easy to see the difference. Once it is driven and they are evenly dirty it will be hard to notice the extension.