Installing Dropped Spindles


I should be getting some time to start back on this car. All the structural parts are mostly in place so I think it is time to start putting some things together for the last time. The easiest thing to do is the front end so that is what I am going to work on first. I have a set of 2 inch dropped spindles to try and get a better ride height out of the car. I managed to get the passenger side swapped out. The boots that came with the new control arm ball joints are rotten so I will have to replace them and get new tie rods before I can call the front end done but that is minor stuff I will do when I am closer to finishing the car.


The new spindles are more or less a bolt on so it is a pretty easy job to swap them out. Here are before and after shots of how it sits. I will remove the wheel jacks and get pictures on the ground after I get the other side done.

20160319_191950 20160319_202419

It looks like it is pretty close to where I want it. If not there are some spring adjusters Speedway Motors makes that would tune it to where I want it without a lot of trouble. I will see if it is sitting where I want it after I get the other side done.