Finished Trunk Lid and Measuring for Cuts


I have enough fiberglass on the new section of trunk lid to make it good and strong. It just needed some sanding and it is about done.


The fiberglass is in the right shape and angle. It will need a bit more finish sanding and a good coating of gel coat to finish it but for now it is good. I will do the finish work on it when I do the rest of the bodywork. Next up is to cut the top off the trunk lid and get that part working like I want it to. The hard part of modifying the body on this car is nothing on it is really square or the same from one side to the other. Making a template to cut one side and then flipping it over to cut the other side wont match at all. The only thing that can will look right is to just line it up with what looks right. The easiest way I have found to make a complex curve that flows well along the lines is to use PVC water pipe.I taped it in place along both sides of the trunk and adjusted it to make it look balanced and as even as I could get it.


After it was taped down and as even looking as I could get it I used a marker and put a line on the body to cut. I didn’t have enough blades for my saw to get the job done so That seemed like a good place to stop for the day. I plan on making the cuts down the top of the body then lifting the car up and cutting through the fender wells and anything else that needs cut to get the lid free. I can then reinforce the lid and the body to hopefully make it all work out right.