Finished Dropped Spindles and Heater Box


Got a bunch of small things done today. First thing was finish the drivers side dropped spindle. After that I dropped it down on the ground and got a picture of how it sits.


It is still sitting a bit higher than I want but there is nothing in the car right now so after the car is built it should be near the right height. If not it is a minor job to adjust it up and down a bit.

Up next was get the radiator bolted in and the heater box mounted on the firewall so I can measure out how long the hoses I need are and get them ordered. I will need 14 foot of 1.25” hose for the radiator. The stock radiator hoses on a Metro are 1” so I figure a little bit bigger to make up for the longer distance should be good enough to make it work. The heater hoses need to be 13 foot and standard half inch hose is all it needs. I will order silicone hoses so they will last for a while. I don’t want to have to try and change them again in the future.


Last thing for today was drop the motor out and jack up the body to get it sitting square again. The car has sagged from sitting on the frame with no support for a few years and raised up almost 2 inches when I put a jack in the center and raised up on it. After that I adjusted the top roll bar to fit it really tight and bolted the body to it. I need to make a few more body braces to keep it solid and stop it from sagging over time again.


After getting the braces done I will bolt the trunk lid down solid to the body and get it squared up. Once it is bolted solid I am going to cut the top off it and make it open like a normal trunk lid. That will probably take a bit of work to get right but once it is done it will make it a much nicer car to use.