Batteries are Heavy


IMAGE_030I have pretty much decided against using AGM batteries like I wanted to when I started out. LiFePO4 batteries are getting pretty good and prices are dropping so I am thinking by next summer they will be pretty good priced. So for now I just need something to see how things will go. These batteries are from Wal-Mart. they are not the best batteries out there but for the price they can’t be beat. They are EverStart Maxx Marine deep cycle/starting batteries rated at 125A @ 20hrs. They will probably be a lot less at higher currents. I guess I will find out soon.

I picked up four of them today. I will get the last two when they get some more in stock. they are around $70 each. When I got them home I took them out to see where I can fit them. It looks like I will lose a good bit of trunk space but at least not all of it. I can fit four of them in the trunk easily between the tires so they don’t mess with the handling that bad hopefully. The other two will have to go behind the seats either inside or under the floor. If I put them inside I will just use the standard battery boxes to hold them. With the 4 batteries in the trunk and some weight where the other two would be the rear of the car sat one inch lower so that isn’t that bad. These batteries are just under 60lbs each. If I put some stock uncut springs in the back it should sit about where it was before adding the batteries so it seems like this setup will work out ok.