Back half of the floor area built


I decided to split the floor into two parts. The back part will be welded in and the seats and seat belt hardware will be mounted solidly on it. The front half will be bolted on so I can remove it to access under the dashboard. I just had to cut and weld on some 1 inch square tube to go around the frame to give me something solid to mount the floor to. I used the old floor and  just cut out the part of it I needed I spot welded it to the frame enough to hold it in place for now.


I will use square tube to mount the front section of the floor and weld nuts. I will most likely use angle to attach the front firewall to the floor. After that is framed up I will start building the dashboard and that should finish up figuring out all the locations of the components. Then I can brace everything up solid then strip the car down to do the final welding and rust proofing of the frame.