Aligning the trunk lid


I unbolted the trunk lid from the car and hung it from the ceiling with straps to position it on the car. The trunk has is warped and will not sit flat on the car. It took a bit of measuring to figure out how it is twisted but after getting it sorted out I got it sitting square.


Now that it is sitting in the right place I can bolt it to the car and pull the warp out of it. I am hoping that once it is sitting square it won’t move when I cut the top off it. If it does I will have to brace up the trunk lid so it will close without leaving a big gap.

First thing after getting it bolted down is to cut that spoiler lip off the body and come up with something that won’t dump 5 gallons of water through the window when I hit the brakes while driving it in the rain. The spoiler shape on the car now always keeps a puddle of water on the trunk lid and is really annoying.