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I am still in the early stages of this project. It is not quite as ambitious as the total rebuild of my XFi into a convertible body. But it should be pretty interesting and give the biggest mileage gains to date.

The plan so far is:

Step 1: Figure out the location to put the motor and how to attach it so it can drive the car.

Step 2: Get the motor and mount it.

Step 3: Add the speed controller and batteries.

Step 4: Drive away….

Sounds really simple doesn’t it. I am sure it will take months though. I ordered the Etek PMAC motor from Mars Electric LLC. For the controller so far I am planning on using the Kelly Controllers KBL72301 It has a 300A Max, 150A continuous current rating and can handle 72V. For batteries it seems like the standard one to use is the Trojan AGM-31.

So the controller, batteries, and motor don’t seem hard to figure out they are just expensive. The biggest fabrication problems are going to be getting power to a the ground somehow, fitting the batteries without taking up the last of my usable trunk space, and getting the controls set up so that they don’t make the car impossible to drive and are easy to use seem to be the biggest challenges.

Some Pictures of the current progress
100-0563.jpg 100-0560.jpg 100-0545.jpg


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  1. Very impressive – where are you, what state? I’m in Oregon, Oregon City. recently bought a 93′ xfi and have an 89 lsi which I want to convert to elec. The xfi I might go the hybrid route as your conv. Hope it’s all running well for you still.

  2. Awesome! I love your website! I had owned and drove a 1991 GEO Metro 1.0 liter, 5 speed 2 door hatchback and the best I got was 54 MPG, averaging 49 overall. I now drive a 1999 Chevy Metro 1.0 liter, 5 speed 2 door hatchback and get 46 MPG overall. Why don’t they build these anymore? I hope your modifications get you 100 MPG, I will check in for updates, keep up the good work!!

  3. You are a mad scientist!! I mean that in a good way and I hope you take it as a compliment.

  4. Just bought a 91 Convertible but I think I am missing a piece from where the boot sits (when top is up) – any suggestions on locating a photo for confirmation?
    Love your site – how is the elect conversion working?

  5. To Mary and anyone else interested: I own 5 Geo Metros, 4 1991 Convertibles and 1 1994 4 Door (being built into a Retro Panel wagon)I have 2 verts that are parts vehicles, and have many parts that I am willing to sell or trade. I am also always looking out for any companies that are still producing any body Kits for the Metro. I am currently working on a foam body kit that gives a metro Convertible a close resemblance to a C5 Corvette. I have one in development called “2Faced”. anyone interested in chatting or doing business with me can reach me in Southern Tennessee at or 423-595-3718, thank you guys and also….Suzuki is bringing back the Metro.. Called the “Splash”..just thought everyone would like to know that!! CYA!

  6. RIck,

    Are you still working on Geos? THe last post I see on you web site is 2009.

    Rick Brimhall

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