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Buffed out Paint, Installed Trim, and More

Lot of little stuff today, I finished welding the exhaust up so the car is now nice and quiet. I then buffed out the paint and put a coat of wax on it. I didn't have any turtle wax so I ended up putting some…

Rear Inner Fenders Replaced and Cut Springs

The Inner fenders were a pain to get in without hurting the paint but they are both finally in. I bent them anywhere that they were getting close to the tire. There is plenty of room on the back end to clear even bigger tires.

Passenger Side Rear Inner Fender Changed

The stock inner fenders on the convertible are long gone but the old xfi had good inner fenders that only had rust on the bottom half so they were cut out yesterday and today I managed to get one side installed. The hard part was…

Bumpers on for some better pics

I spent most of today cleaning up the mess from painting the car and doing some little detail work so there wasn't much good to see. I did get the bumpers and lights on though so it looks a lot better now. I didn't bolt…

Car is Painted

Car is now blue. It looks way better in person than it does in pictures :) Tomorrow I will pull it out into the sun and let it dry real good. Then it is time to put the lights and junk back on.

Top and Wheels Installed

The new top was pretty simple to install really once all the screws were found. There is a video on how to do it on teamswift.net that shows how to put a top on. It fits nice and snug but I left the side pieces…

Windshield Installed and Base Coat of Paint Done

This weekend has been slow going, it has been over 90 every day and really high humidity. I got all the dents and bad places smoothed out on the body and the base white paint is on there good and dry now. I loaded the…

More Bodywork Done

The hood and most of the body is pretty smooth and flat now. Check out the reflection in the hood. Not much else done today. Sanding and body work takes a lot of time.

White Base Coat Paint On

Was raining some today and bad weather in general but since it was only a base coat it doesn't matter if it is not perfect. I see a few places that need some spot putty to fix before painting so maybe the middle of next…