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Date Distance Gallons Cost per Gallon Mileage Notes
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  1. Hi I have a 93 geo convertible I am working on increasing my fuel also
    I have put 14″ tires have a geo xfi transmisson and will install a xfi engine.What is a megasquirt? did it work were can I get one if you say it is worth it. lets keep in touch walt.

  2. Oops I can see the mpg figures, after futher checking.
    Thank$!!!! 70’s How Marvelous!

  3. Thanks for the valuable info here. I have 470,000 miles on my XFI’s. It’s too bad ailing, broke GM doesn’t get off duff and offer it again. (maybe with your improvements!)

  4. Can you help me out with your Megasquirt Fuel and Spark File?

    I have an XFi and I’m getting the megasquirt for the same mods. I’d like to see a good base map, then I can tune with the wideband.



  5. Great car project! What did the car end up weighing after the tube frame was installed? I used to have an ’86 Chevy Sprint, could get 58 MPG on the highway with 13″ rims, 158000 miles with no mechanical problems, best car I ever owned, wish I still had it.

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