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  1. Hi I just wanted everyone know that Delta Camshaft in Tacoma, Wa 253-572-2474 can regrind your stock base or non xfi can to Exact XFI cam specs for around $50.00. I gained 8 mpg with it. Thanks James

  2. Rick, I just bought a 94 Metro XFI and I can’t believe how excited I am to finally get one. Only one problem, I don’t have a door key. Do you know what is the best way to get one, short of calling a locksmith?
    Thanks, Joe

  3. If the passenger side lock works you can swap them pretty easily. Just take the door panel off and there is a clip holding the lock cylinder in. Just swap them sides and the drivers door will then work instead of the passenger side 🙂

  4. Thanks for the tip on the door lock. I bought the barrel with key at a junk yard and it was an easy fix.
    The new question I have is: Have you or anyone you know ever tried the HHO/Brown’s gas injecters? I see them everywhere. AKA Water for Gas.

  5. Hi Rick,
    I have been doing a lot of reading about the Metro XFI’s and now I have to find one for myself.

    For starters – Where do I get the moon hubcaps and the fender skirts?

    Thanks for your website.

  6. I would also like to know where you go the moon hubcaps and did you keep the original tire size or did you go up to R13?

    Great site 🙂

  7. You can find the 13″ racing style hub caps here:

  8. Hi Rick ,My XFI ,I just removed all the duckwork , advanced the timing + 13″ tires front 14″ on the back 10 lb PSI over on all as I use it as my truck. I just picked up a 1992 Suzuki Swift ;locked up overheated 4 cylinder, but good 5 speed transmission. I have extra 1992Metro XFI engine and transmission. Can I make a swap ? Will the Geo engine bolt up to the Suzuki transmission or do I have to use the metro transmission ? Which CVC’s do I use ? I think I have every thing else on a junker 1992 Geo . I would not go threw all this work if the Swift 4 cyl. was not so clean. THANKS Curly

  9. Hello, I’m working on a ’71 MG Midget, and will be putting in the 1.0L Geo motor, and go for super high MPG.
    Also am thinking of adding the mars motor as a hybrid to increase power.

    I’m wondering if you tried water injection with your high CR? I was planning to increase CR and use water injection.

    Thanks, Jack

  10. i have a 1993 geo metro convertible. i got a great little car but i need a trunk lid.. not a bit of rust on this little beauty just previous owner royaly screwed the trunk lid, Anybody have an idea of where to get one

  11. I just converted my 96 to an XFi, bought the cam and trans from some dude last summer and just updated everything last week. In addition, I replaced my pistons with flat top pistons from a late 80s sidekick to raise my compression about .5….my best mileage so far is 57.9 mpg which was 85% highway and 15% backroads, but this was far better than I expected. Too bad more of those 4 cylinder 5 speeds (M42) arent around. I see them in the junkyard sometimes, but the last 2 had well over 200k on them.

    As far as the increased CR, I had to set my base timing to 2 degrees instead of 5 to eliminate some detonation but works good and can floor it on uphills.

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