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  1. Very Interesting project. What speeds have you found are the best for your mpg with this car? I drive a 1991 honda civic LX sedan 60mph in the slow lane, but even then i get Dodge Ram 4×4 pickups tailgating me.

  2. Looking good! And Nice plate Brother.
    I have a 93 XFI that I am getting ready to sale 198K miles. alot of patch work on the rusted frame above A-arms. good enough to get me thru the summer but it still gets 45mpg around town.

  3. look ma one of them metro’s convertibles
    with a custom rolly bar and hidden gas door…
    seriousy, it’s look’in great.. if folks only
    knew what it looked like 6 months ago and how
    much work was done
    how are the electronics and rear view cameras
    working out, and has the coreplast held up
    next to the exhaust….any mileage no’s yet
    best regards, hillbilly 993

  4. I am real glad you got this done, it looks so very very very awesome. Your work has inspired me with my Geo, they really are a pimpin’ car!

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